tula pahate re todays episode 15 november cdn77


tula pahate re todays episode 15 november 2018 cdn77

Do you see Ray playing the role of Isha in the series, Gayatri Datar is always seen in Punjabi dress or Indian Pahwa. But she is very witch in her real life. She also likes to wear Worceston clothing along with Indian cuisine. She always posts photos on her Instagram account. They love to photograph her photos of her fans. They also give feedback on these photos cdn77 .
The serial ‘You Seeing Ray’ currently runs. This series has won the audience’s mind within a few days of its launch. Isha Nimkar in ‘You Seeing Ray’ is in love with the audience as well. Pune’s Gayatri debut in the television series, in the lead role from this series. In her debut, she got an opportunity to work with Subodh Bhave and she made gold for this opportunity cdn77 .

Isha Nimkar, who was born in the Gayatri Datar series, is a very simple and pretty girl. She does not know sixes in the world. She can not even entertain her in the house. But in true life, Gayatri himself is very adventurous. cdn77 She loves trekking as well as for farea. Gayatri has experienced trekking in Manali and River Rafting in the river Koyna. Gayatri has visited many unhealthy places, one of which is Leh Ladakh. She shared all this experience with her on social media as photos.

Isha is disturbed in the real life and she is a very enthusiastic daughter cdn77 participating in every cloudflare ssl program in college. This different aspect of Gayatri is coming in front of her fans. Unlike onscreen simple, Isha and offscreen adventures Gayatri, the audience laughs as much as they love cdn77 .

There is no doubt that the Gayatri Gayatri series, ‘You see me’, has received huge fan-falling in so many days due to this unique love story of forgetting the age cdn77 .

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