marathi serial Tula Pahate Re 7 december episode

tula pahate re Today episode

marathi serial Tula Pahate Re 7 december episode


marathi serial ‘Tula Pahate Re’ on the small screen is very popular. Actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Datar play a key role in this series. Everyone likes Isha and Vikrant Saranjame’s unique story. From the beginning, the show was preferred by the audience and due to the love and support of the audience, each series of series T.R.P. Is reaching the top.

The marathi serial, with the concept of love to forget the age, is now at a critical stage. Vikrant and Isha both expressed their feelings in each other’s mind. There is a difference between the financial condition of both the living and the age, and that is why some people are unhappy with the two. The journey of their love will be difficult, but it will be time-consuming, but soon the Vikramaditya Saranja is seen practicing Esho’s demand for marriage. Everything will be filled with courage and courage, and Vikram is going to demand it for marriage. The method of demanding Vikrant is going to be as spectacular and exciting as well. There is no doubt that Isha’s answer would be the answer to the demand in such a different manner.

According to sources, actress Shilpa Tulskar will be entering the series by the end of December. Specifically, Vikrant will play her role as an associate of Jalandder. On the other hand, Vikrant will soon propose it. That is why Shilpa’s antitrity is going to see an extraordinary twist in the story of the marathi serial.

Tu Pahete Re’ marathi serial won the audience’s favorite in a short span of time and reached the top of the TRP. Actor Subodh Bhave has come back on the small screen in this series and also loves the love of the new Gayatri Datar. Isha’s mother, Mr, is walking around the story of ‘Vikrant’ and ‘Isha’. Nimkar’s role is as powerful as his. But who is the actress who plays the role of Isha’s mother? marathi serial

The actress, who played the lead role of Isha in ‘You Seeing Ray’, is named Garagi Phule-Thatta. Gargi Phule is the daughter of Marathi film industry and daughter of late actor Nilu Phule.
Gargi has worked in a few of the previous series of ‘You Wear Ray’. Hundreds of hundreds of lovers of the series ‘Yu Wing’ on Zee Marathi played the role of humble, that is, Isha’s mother. Garg plays the role of middle-class housewife, who plays ‘Isha Ki Maa Chawla’ in the marathi serial

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