Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 19 October 2019

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Episode 18 January

Zee5 Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 19 October Radhika goes to the office for a meeting with important customers. The meeting is successful and Radhika Masale signs an important contract with the company. She says this will help Radhika Spice launch its products in international markets. Radhika happily presents this news to her loved ones. Meanwhile, Gurunath and Shanaya encounter when he humiliates her for his lack of culinary skills.

Shanaya and Rajwade plan to stop Radhika’s deal with another company as it will disrupt their plan to destroy Radhika. Meanwhile, Gurunath shouts at Shanaya for giving him salty tea and calls him ‘Good for Nothing’. Zee5 Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

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Radhika and Gulmohar society seniors are discussing her and Soumitra’s engagement. They are in a happy mood as they start sharing love stories from their time. Then, Radhika leaves for the office as she has a meeting with a client. Meanwhile, Soumitra, who has just woken up, is discussing his father’s situation with his mother. He is not like his father’s absence from an important day in his life. Her mother tells Soumitra that her father is a doer. She is worried about how Radhika’s family will feel her father’s absence during the wedding festivities.

Radhika has a meeting with her clients, who like Radhika Masale’s presentation and gives two important projects to the company. Meanwhile, at the Subedar’s house, the women are busy picking saris and the men are playing cards. Soumitra asks women to make new dishes for him. During this, Radhika reaches home and is happy to see them. She declares that Radhika Masale has received a large order from the Dubai and Singapore markets. Everyone cheers Radhika for her success.

On the other hand, Gurunath is still depressed due to Radhika’s engagement. Therefore, Shanaya cooks to make him happy. But, he insults her for her lack of culinary skills and leaves. Shanaya reminds Gurunath that she is smarter than the way she credits him. Meanwhile, Radhika and Soumitra express their love for each other.

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