Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 10 Saptember 2019

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 January

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Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 10 Saptember , Kondaji Baba tries to convince Siddi to go back to Janjira. He tells him about all the cons of staying in Aurangzeb’s realm, however the latter doesn’t listen to him. Then, Kondaji Baba attempts to show Siddi in opposition to Aurangzeb by way of whispering about the king’s ulterior cause of making them live in Burhanpur. Meanwhile, at Janjira, Lavangi is lacking Kondaji Baba and asks approximately his whereabouts to Kumaji and Abdullah.

In this night’s episode, Kumaji involves Lavangi’s room and sees that she is counting some thing. Just then, Abdullah comes there and asks Kumaji to leave Lavangi alone. Later, Kumaji tells Abdullah that Lavangi is making plans something but the latter refuses to listen to him and asks him to hold a watch on her.

Sambhaji’s spies are successful in making ready a medicinal drug a good way to make humans at Janjira dizzy. Meanwhile, Dadaji Deshpande comes to meet Sambhaji and informs him that each one the arrangements for the attack are done. Just then, Bahirji Naik comes with the news that Aurangzeb has stored Siddi and Kondaji with him. Sambhaji then tells him to ship a letter to the Habib Baghdadi asking for assist to combat Aurangzeb. Bahirji says that they gained’t be capable of make it however the latter tells him that the reason is to misguide Aurangzeb.

Lavangi Bai goes out to satisfy Sambhaji’s spies and Kumaji follows her. The undercover agent notices that Lavangi is being followed and fast leaves the place. Kumaji unearths a device to dismantle their cannons and feels suspicious. Aurangzeb decodes the letter written to Habib Baghdadi by means of Sambhaji and asks his Vazir to inform Siddi to go away.

On the other hand, spies plan to bomb the citadel. Unfortunately, they fall short of humans because they expected Kondaji to be there. A few moments later, Lavangi Bai comes there. Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 10 Saptember

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