Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 2 July 2019

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 January

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 2 July 2019

In the latest episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Yesubai receives carried away inside the court. She walks in front of Anaji Pant and starts offevolved retelling a listing of crimes that he has committed for the reason that begin. Sambhaji, then, goes to Yesubai to explain to her that she have to forget their non-public relationship inside the court. If she makes use of her private courting, then she could be doing injustice at the human beings accused of the crime.

Yesubai goes to Anaji Pant’s spouse Kaveribai inquiring for help. Since she has heard of Anaji Pant’s plotting against Sambhaji, Kaveribai’s testimony may be very useful. Meanwhile, in the seek of greater proofs, Yesubai finds a letter for Akbar with Soyrabai’s royal stamp on it.

Hearing Yesubai’s rant, Anaji Pant asks her if she is accusing him of all these crimes as a choose or a spouse. Sakvarbai is worried approximately Yesubai’s temper as Sambhaji asks her to cool herself. Raje says she shouldn’t get non-public inside the court docket and must be strictly speakme approximately the case. Then, Yesubai is requested to provide proofs of all of the accusations that have been levied upon Anaji Pant.

Taking this opportunity, Anaji Pant’s men proclaim that they’re harmless of all of the crimes. They in a roundabout way point arms at Yesubai’s perspective. This is observed through asking for hardcore proofs that incriminate Anaji Pant and his supporters. Raje has the same opinion to this and says no person can absolutely accuse the royal ministers of such massive crimes. Yesubai walks out angrily and comes to a decision to scavenge for witnesses.

Anaji Pant’s supporters are rejoicing that none of Ranisaheb’s allegations could stand real. Pant is assured he has kept no evidence in the back of. Anaji Pant is livid at Durgadas who backstabbed them as he swears to kill the latter once out of the prison. Meanwhile, Sambhaji goes to Yesubai and explains to her to not get emotional within the court docket. He tells her that their private relationship is secondary while she is the choose within the court docket.

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