Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 28 Jun 2019

Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 28 Jun 2019

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In the latest episode of Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji, Raje has decided to do the trial earlier than killing all of the culprits for trying to dethrone him. Although his courtiers and Yesubai insist upon punishing them with out a tribulation, Raje remains adamant. He says if he doesn’t hold the trial the humans will suppose that he is acting out of anger and disposing of his private vengeance. He doesn’t need his name to be tainted as a loopy ruler within the pages of history.

The prisoners determine that they’ll blame Anaji Pant because the mastermind of this plan. In the next scene, as all the culprits come together even Soyrabai is known as. She knows she has done incorrect and is calling with guilt Raje.

Raje desires to punish them by setting them underneath an elephants’ ft. He has faith in his army who will discover Anaji Pant and bring the latter to Raje. Meanwhile, Anaji Pant has already reached Siddi’s territory. He then kills his very own dependable servant within the worry that he’ll spread rumours.

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji

Sakvarbai tells Yesubai that Anaji Pant’s brother has been located. They are discussing the trial that is going to show up. Yesubai says within the absence of Anaji Pant, if they may arrest Soyrabai. Meanwhile, Anaji Pant’s supporters are annoyed as they’re rotting inside the jail mobile. Balaji Pant is livid with Anaji Pant as he starts scaring them with the punishments Sambhaji goes to offer them.

Yesubai is surprised that Balaji Pant may want to get trapped through Anaji Pant’s words. She asks if Soyrabai’s call need to be included within the list. Kaviraj says he will have to speak to Raje before inclusive of Soyrabai’s call in the list of culprits. Kaviraj tells the prisoners that the trial is going to start the subsequent morning. Yesubai is irritated at Sambhaji for keeping the trial.

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