swarajya rakshak sambhaji todays episode 23 November 2018

Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji Todays Episode

swarajya rakshak sambhaji todays episode 23 November 2018 online class

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Sambhaji Raje was born on May 14. The fort was built in 1657 at Purandar. Since he was a princess, he gave battle and battle strategies for his childhood. Sambhaji Maharaj’s mother, King Sai Babai’s death when the king was small. Later, a woman named Dharau Patil from Kapoorlal village near Pune, became a mother of her mother. Sambhaji was taken care of his grandmother Jijabai. Their stepmother, daughter-in-law, made them a very lively online class.

Like many historical records, SambhajiRaj was very handsome and courageous, and in many languages ​​he was a great scholar and politician. They have understood the importance of politics. Shivaji Maharaj took him with him on Agra’s visit and thought that he would use them for the daily activities of Mughal and the early days of politics, if he knew it early. At that time, Sambhajiraj was 9 years old.

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After Shivaji Maharaj fled prison, SambhajiRaj could not escape to Swarajya and therefore he had to keep some time in safe place. Therefore, Shivaji Maharaj kept him in Mathura, in the court of Moropant Peshwa. After Sambhaji Maharaj’s death Shivaji Maharaj spread the rumors of stop the backwardness of the Mughal soldiers in front of Sambhaji Maharaj. After reaching Swaraj, SambhajiRaj reached the safe place for some time. Online class

Jijabai passed away 12 days after Shivaji Maharaj became the prince. There was no one to look after Sambhaji’s eyes. Shivaji Maharaj was engaged in self-political politics and in the battlefield. Online class

There is a difference of opinion among experienced politicians of Sambhaji Maharaj’s court. Maharaja Amjatya Annaji Dutta of Sambhaji Maharaj strongly opposed the administration. Since Shivaji Maharaj, Annaji was an experienced and efficient administrator, he ignored his corrupt administration. But Sambhajiraj was unable to accept it. Mr. Annaji Dato and other experienced advisers went against Sambhaji Raje

Due to the request of Annaji Dutt, some of the judges of the court have given abusive behavior to Sambhaji Raje. Because of their opponents, they could not go to South India with Shivaji Maharaj. In the absence of Shivaji Maharaj, the Ashtpapadana Board refused to obey the orders of Sambhaji. Therefore, Shivaji Maharaj had to send Sambhaji Maharaj as the headmaster of Shrirangpur in the Konkan Online class.

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