todays episode 1 december tula pahate re

tula pahate re Today episode

todays episode 1 december tula pahate re



Zee Marathi ‘Tu Phete Re’ series won the audience’s favorite in a short span of time and reached the top of the TRP. Actor Subodh Bhave has come back on the small screen in this series and also loves the love of the new Gayatri Datar. Isha’s mother, Mr, is walking around the story of ‘Vikrant’ and ‘Isha’. Nimkar’s role is as powerful as his. But who is the actress who plays the role of Isha’s mother?

The actress, who played the lead role of Isha in ‘You Seeing Ray’, is named Garagi Phule-Thatta. Gargi Phule is the daughter of Marathi film industry and daughter of late actor Nilu Phule. Happy year
Gargi has worked in a few of the previous series of ‘You Wear Ray’. Hundreds of hundreds of lovers of the series ‘Yu Wing’ on Zee Marathi played the role of humble, that is, Isha’s mother. Garg plays the role of middle-class housewife, who plays ‘Isha Ki Maa Chawla’ in the series ‘Ying Seing’.


Efforts are being made to convince her of the rich and compromised daughter’s demise. That is why he has started marrying Isha Bipin Tillooo, but Vikrant has understood the true nature of the family of Tahin and due to the reasons for marrying with Transfer

Then will

you get married now? The audience will see in the next section how will Vikrant Timillou really bring everyone.Transfer
Today, on November 9, Subodh was born and in 1975, he was born in Pune. He completed his education from Symbosis College, Pune. He worked as an IT company’s vendor before joining acting career Transfer

Subodh Bhave has worked in films, serials and drama. Subodh has started working in monochrome in college life. At that time he received many awards. He has directed with acting and directing.Transfer

Directed by Katyar Kalgad Ghosli. Right now you are watching this, the audience has achieved the series very well. Gayatri appears in the role of Detroit Heroine in this series According to the story of this series, the hero and heroine have been annuity for many years

But you know that in real life it is much larger than Subodh Gayatri. Not only that, Gayatri was only third-fourth, and Subodh was a famous actor and he was rewarded in his hands. At that time Gayatri had shown a desire to work with Subodh. At that time, we learned it and studied it, studied it and then studied it in this area. Gayatri’s desire to work with Subodh watching is complete due to this series Transfer

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