Tula Pahate Re 16 July 2019

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Tula Pahate Re 16 July 2019

In the current episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha goes to Jaydeep to inform him that Vikrant isn’t suspicious of her. Jaydeep is unimpressed with the aid of Isha’s changed facet. He tells her it doesn’t matter whether or not Vikrant is punished, however he must understand that he is incorrect. He attempts to inform her that it isn’t truthful that the person who has destroyed their lives might be luckily living his own. Isha is left speechless after listening to Jaydeep talk approximately this.

Vikrant goes to Rajanandini’s room and starts talking to her photograph. He says the way Rajanandini loved him, the equal way he loves Isha. He is blinded through his love for Isha the same way Rajanandini changed into by Vikrant. He confesses that there are a lot of things that he doesn’t like about Isha but he still can’t move in opposition to her because he wants to forgive her. He asks Rajanandini if Isha is the usage of the consider that he has on her.

Then, Vikrant goes to fulfill Mr and Mrs Nimkar. He brings them tea and asks Mr Nimkar to accompany him to his workplace. He confesses to Mr Nimkar that he is guilty of hiding matters from Isha. Further, he discloses that he had grown up in a dire circumstance. But, it turned into Rajanandini who confirmed him love and care. After Rajanandini surpassed away, Isha got here to his life and he cherished her extra than his first spouse. As Vikrant is speakme about this, Mr Nimkar says Isha knows about his entire existence story. Vikrant is greatly surprised and wants to realize what exactly Isha is aware of. Mr Nimkar tells him all the events that Isha has informed them about Rajanandini. Then, Mr Nimkar asks Vikrant if this real however the latter says it isn’t. Meanwhile, Isha is aware that Vikrant has end up suspicious of her and he or she informs this to Jaydeep and Aaisaheb.

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