Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 6 July 2019

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Tula Pahate Re

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant is slowly waking up after being subconscious for some time. During this, Jhende is seeking out Jalinder who has long gone into hiding. He desires to prove to Vikrant that Isha is mendacity and he is speaking the reality. On the other hand, Isha and Jaydeep discuss her pregnancy. She confesses that she is squished among Rajanandini’s beyond and her personal present. In this example, she doesn’t need to do injustice on her unborn child.

Jaydeep says in both the avatars Isha has done plenty for the entire circle of relatives. Jaydeep assures Isha that he can be along with her anything decision she makes. Following this, they decide to take the next step which is to discover Vikrant who’s in Jhende’s custody. For this, they’ll want Jalinder’s help.

Vikrant finds his awareness as Jhende is satisfied to see his buddy wakeful. He is immediately worried approximately Isha and he begins shouting at Jhende for trying to kill her. Jhende defends himself and rants in opposition to Isha making Vikrant extra livid. Jhende retaliates pronouncing that he has continually popular Vikrant for the reason that time they have been together in university. He idolised Vikrant for his loose attitude and charming ways.

Isha and Jaydeep meet Jalinder who says he doesn’t care about Vikrant’s kidnapping. Due to this, they have got to reveal her pregnancy to Jalinder. Meanwhile, Jhende is telling Vikrant the matters Isha did in his absence. He gets agitated and discloses to Jhende that Isha is pregnant.

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