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In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha is going to justify herself in front of Aaisaheb. But, the latter shuns Isha and announcing they each want to stay away. Aaisaheb says Isha doesn’t need her as she has her family. But, Isha asks Aaisaheb to peer matters from her aspect because the state of affairs has emerge as very perplexing. Instead, Aaisaheb questions her if she desired to give up their assignment midway then why did she begin the combat in the first region. Aaisaheb confesses that it’s miles hard to behave the identical way with Vikrant after understanding his fact. Isha apologises however Aaisaheb confesses it’s tough to forgive her.

Vikrant is going to the workplace and asks Myra to depart him alone. He receives to recognize that Myra and Isha showed him fake photos. Myra calls Isha to alert her approximately Vikrant’s aloofness. She asks Isha if Vikrant has come to recognize about Isha’s plan. They each get worried and Isha tells Myra to maintain a watch on Vikrant for any new clue.

Isha is going to Jaydeep but he is indignant with her. She asks him what if Vikrant comes to realize the plans that they’ve made against him. Jaydeep tells her that the truth is never going to be hidden, or even if Vikrant involves recognise about this, they will must brace themselves for his response. Jaydeep is indignant understanding Isha’s unexpected sympathy towards Vikrant. Isha pleads to him but Jaydeep reminds her that she became born because of the injustice done on Rajanandini. If Vikrant involves understand this, he will attack Isha and she or he will haven’t any desire but to retaliate.

Vikrant calls Jhende’s spy who has saved a watch on Isha for a long time. He tells the truth approximately Isha’s link to Rajanandini. After coming domestic, Isha and Vikrant try and disguise the truth from every other. As Isha is exiting the room, Vikrant sees Rajanandini in Isha.

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