Tula Pahate Re Episode 11 July 2019

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Tula Pahate Re Episode 11 July 2019

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha apologises to Vikrant for behaving badly with him. An injured Vikrant attempts to convince Isha that he’s the one at fault and not her. Vikrant confesses that he should have taken Jhende critically and now not permit the state of affairs boost. Vikrant promises that he’s going to deal with Isha and their infant. He confesses this is the satisfactory news that he ought to get.

Isha says that she completely trusts him. Following this, Vikrant says that he will go with her everywhere due to the fact she has the obligation in their child. Vikrant desires to share the news with the circle of relatives. He, together with Isha, visit Aaisaheb and Jaydeep.

Everyone is happy to look Vikrant who has recovered fast. As Vikrant publicizes Isha’s pregnancy, everybody besides Aaisaheb is happy to pay attention the information. Aaisaheb makes up a few reason and walks out.

Aaisaheb is disturbed and she confesses this to Jaydeep. She is angry that Isha didn’t inform her first and spoke approximately it to Jaydeep. Aaisaheb is also worried how Isha will take revenge on Vikrant in this condition. She says the baby’s father is a murderer but Jaydeep defends Isha and the baby. He tries to placate Aaisaheb who doubts Isha might be capable of do justice to Rajanandini. Aaisaheb says if Isha forgets her ambition then Rajanandini and Dadasaheb can by no means rest in peace.

Isha’s dad and mom encourage her to forget Vikrant’s beyond and pass on with the present. However, Isha remains considering Rajanandini’s words. The following day, Aaisaheb is being bloodless closer to Isha.

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