Tula Pahate Re Episode 9 July 2019

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Tula Pahate Re Episode Today 9 July 2019

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jhende tells Jalinder that the best manner he can get to realize approximately Vikrant’s vicinity if he tells Vikrant about Isha’s master plan. Jhende is livid at Isha for destroying his friendship with Vikrant. Jalinder strikes this deal for Isha’s sake and is going to fulfill Jhende and Vikrant. After this cellphone communication, Jhende is happy that Isha’s truth goes to be out.

Isha tells her dad and mom approximately Vikrant’s kidnapping by using Jhende. Mr and Mrs Nimkar start panicking and advocate to resort a police complaint, however Isha refuses. Meanwhile, Myra and Jaydeep are involved about Jalinder’s safety. They decide to stop Jalinder from assembly Vikrant given that this may price him his existence.

Jhende is taking care of Vikrant who is livid at him. Jhende tells Vikrant that he has proof of Isha’s lies which makes Vikrant surprise what his friend is speaking about. Meanwhile, from Jalinder’s man, Jaydeep and Myra come to know that he has gone alone looking for Vikrant. They replace this to Isha who receives disturbing.

Jalinder reaches Jhende’s domestic where he has kept Vikrant. Jalinder recollects all the crimes that Vikrant has devoted within the beyond against him and Dadasaheb. Vikrant remains happy with the matters he has performed as he got what he wanted in the end.

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