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In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jalinder and Jaydeep are discussing Isha’s pregnancy. Jalinder tells Jaydeep that their plan can move haywire if Isha is getting concerned in Vikrant. But, seeing her circumstance, he guarantees Jaydeep that he’s going to discover Vikrant and get him to Isha. Meanwhile, Jhende’s undercover agent tells him that Isha and Jaydeep went to fulfill Jalinder secretly.

Myra comes home to talk about Vikrant’s kidnapping. She is greatly surprised as Sonya confirms the information and Aaisaheb recalls the complete incident. Myra is worried about Isha’s situation. Meanwhile, Jhende is thinking about the folks who can inform Vikrant the actual reality approximately Isha. He is making a list of folks who will spill Isha’s link to Rajanandini. Through all of the evaluation, he confirms that Isha is dangerous to him and Vikrant as she can lead them to go through. Jhende plans to give up Isha’s lifestyles earlier than that takes place.

Isha returns to her dad and mom’ area crying. She is stopped by means of Bipin and Rupali who calm her down. Isha is going to her mother and father and exhibits Vikrant’s kidnapping. Meanwhile, Jalinder calls Jhende to recognize approximately Vikrant’s place. Jalinder has to forcefully bear in mind placing a address Jhende to assist get Vikrant again. Jhende tells he has to inform Vikrant that Isha is the mastermind and she or he is Rajanandini’s rebirth.

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