Tula Pahate Re live Episode 12 Jun 2019

Live Tula Pahate Re

Tula Pahate Re live Episode 12 Jun 2019

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re live , Vikrant and Isha are sharing their thoughts in the bed room. Isha is responsible to have performed games with him. An injured Vikrant says that he is the responsible one among them. After their candid communication, Vikrant is happy to interrupt the information of Isha’s pregnancy to absolutely everyone in the circle of relatives. On hearing this information, anybody but Aaisaheb is satisfied. She badly needs Isha to still take revenge on Vikrant.

Isha is going to Aaisaheb to speak to her. But, the latter is simply too livid with Isha and she asks her to go away the room. Meanwhile, Vikrant and Isha are discussing their toddler’s names. Vikrant says if they have a daughter, then, he will call her Rajanandini. Isha is greatly surprised.

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