Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 2 July 2019

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Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 2 July 2019

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Isha and Rupali communicate approximately her pregnancy as the latter is satisfied to realize this properly news. However, Isha isn’t so happy thinking about Vikrant, the daddy of her baby, is a assassin. She is adamant on converting her aim of teaching Vikrant a lesson as Rupali shows her assist. Meanwhile, Jhende is stopped through Jaydeep at the same time as he is going to fulfill Vikrant. As this happens, Jhende gets furious at Isha for manipulating all and sundry within the Saranjame family.

Mr and Mrs Nimkar get to know approximately Isha’s pregnancy thru their neighbours. They are deeply hurt that Isha refused to tell them this information. They leave the residence without telling Isha who’s surprised to understand this via Aaisaheb.
A determined Jhende is stopped from meeting Vikrant by Jaydeep. He accuses Vikrant and Jhende of all of the crimes from the past. Jhende receives furious of Isha’s tries to make herself Rajanandini. As he starts pointing hands at Isha, Jaydeep asks him to get out of the residence.

Mrs Nimkar asks Sonya to forestall puzzling them with the information about Isha. Sonya once more begins brainwashing Mr and Mrs Nimkar against Isha. She, then, threatens to leave the Saranjame’s house. Meanwhile, Isha and Jhende come face to face have a controversy. He tries to are trying to find support from Aaisaheb who appears at him with pure hatred. Jhende again threatened Isha to behave accurately.
Isha gets tea for her dad and mom as they make their annoyance glaring to her. Mr Nimkar asks Isha if Vikrant were given shot by himself or someone else shot him. She is stunned to recognize that they may be aware about the truth as she inquires who informed them. They are frustrated with Isha’s connection to Rajanandini. Isha’s dad and mom thinks she has distanced herself from them. Mr Nimkar wonders why Vikrant had come the temple searching for Isha. But, Isha stays silent. They determine to head returned as Isha begs them to trust her choices.

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