Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 25 Jun 2019

tula pahate re

Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 25 Jun 2019

In episode of Tula Pahate Re, Mr. and Mrs Nimkar are sad that Isha is related to Vikrant. They do not like Isha and all other bodies are roaming around Vikrant. However, Isha says that she will have to repent as a scandal because Pimpkar feels that there is no one to decide who will be punished. Although Isha is uneasy about his role, Nekmakar says that Vikrant is already responsible for his actions in the past. Ichha Vikrant has been apologized to her parents because she came here to understand the king-wife. In the end, Nimkar said that Vikrant has got all the other good points to get good points.

The flags enter Vikrant’s cabin and ask Ishan to show the direction of Rajanandini’s existence. However, Vikrant is excited and does not need to leave it equally. He tells the shepherd that he has expressed his love for her father and mother. Vikas is not ready to repay, as advised using flags. Eventually, Vicente ordered Zendaide to complete Jalindar and once.

The flags are facing Jalindar, the flag’s head is banned. Then, he makes an autonomous click with him. Meanwhile, Vikrant asked Maire that she lied about her property. Therefore, Mayra shows security pictures that have changed the documents by bringing Jalinder to Vikrant cabin. During this conversation, a message was received by Vicare for Zulfi-clicked Sulfi. No run scored on this ball.

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