Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 26 Jun 2019

tula pahate re

Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 26 Jun 2019

In the current episode of Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant is thinking about Isha and Jhende’s picture with Jalinder. He is doubting both the events, despite the fact that he and Jhende have been buddies for the longest time. Vikrant thinks Jhende has forgotten their friendship, simultaneously he is even suspicious of Isha who he doesn’t assume has the potential to backstab him.

As Vikrant is considering this, Jhende enters and starts to justify the picture that he had clicked with Jalinder. Vikrant begins screaming at Jhende and doesn’t let the latter give an explaination. Then, Vikrant shows the footage of the CCTV camera to Jhende who starts offevolved blaming Isha for this trick, too.

During this conversation, Aaisaheb calls Vikrant and tells him that Isha has long gone missing. Immediately, Vikrant doubts Jhende and starts accusing him of kidnapping Isha. Jhende, who’s harmless of this, tells Vikrant that Jalinder even snatched his phone. Meanwhile, at domestic, Mr and Mrs Nimkar are genuinely concerned approximately Isha’s properly-being.

Isha realises that Vikrant could be worried for her protection as Jalinder asks his man to preserve an eye fixed on him. A hysterical Isha is available in Vikrant’s manner on the street and factors a finger toward Jalinder for following her. Vikrant rescues her and takes her domestic appropriately.

After Isha regains her cognizance, Isha narrates to Vikrant that Jhende asked her to fulfill him as Jalinder tied her up. She says she slightly escaped from their hold close. Hearing this, Vikrant makes a decision to take revenge on Jhende.

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