Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 27 Jun 2019

tula pahate re

Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 27 Jun 2019

In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant is getting near Isha. He gets her tea in mattress as Isha begins discussing her fight with Jhende. She fills Vikrant’s head with lies about Jhende. Vikrant receives agitated at him and comes to a decision to attend to the situation. Meanwhile, Jalinder calls Jaydeep to aid Isha and cope with her. Sonya hears this verbal exchange and starts offevolved preventing with Jaydeep. Jhende, then again, has made his mind set on killing Isha off. He shows his guys Isha’s picture as they comply with her to the temple.

The doctor tells Vikrant that Isha is pregnant. He is elated to listen this news as he calls Isha who’s inside the temple with Aaisaheb. Jhende’s men are hidden there as one of the men factors the gun at Isha.

In the recent episode of Tula Pahate Re, Vikrant gets tea for Isha as the latter is pretending to be shaken after the day past’s incident. Vikrant begins apologising to Isha for Jhende’s behaviour. She acts to be surprised with the aid of Jhende’s meanness because she had trusted him with a whole heart. Isha asks Vikrant approximately Jhende’s whereabouts because the latter gets indignant of Jhende. During this conversation, Aaisaheb comes and reminds Isha of the scientific checkup.

Manda is stepping out for grocery buying as Jhende blocks her manner. He snatches her telephone and threatens to reveal the fact to Vikrant. At gunpoint, Jhende makes Manda be his spy and record Isha’s whereabouts to him. Meanwhile, Jalinder calls Jaydeep asking him to help Isha as he decides to go away the metropolis. Jaydeep gives him his regards as Sonya overhears this conversation. She involves realize Isha turned into faking her accident. Sonya is horrified via Isha’s appearing.

Isha returns lower back from the health facility, the physician doesn’t locate anything urgent. Isha and Aaisaheb are finding out to visit the temple. Manda hears this and tells it to Jhende whose guys observe Isha and decide to kill her inside the temple. Meanwhile, Vikrant receives a name from the physician announcing Isha is pregnant. He is glad.

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