Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 28 Jun 2019

tula pahate re

Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 28 Jun 2019

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In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Mr Nimkar, Aaisaheb and Isha go to the temple to take goddess’ benefits. During this time, Vikrant comes domestic trying to offer the best news to Isha but realises that she has long past to the temple. Knowing Jhende’s plan, Manda tries to restrict him from going to the temple however he doesn’t stop. She then calls Jhende to inform him that even Vikrant is coming to the temple. Meanwhile, Vikrant famous to Isha that she is pregnant as she doesn’t appear happy in any respect.
Vikrant gets in a scuffle with Jhende’s guys. They pull Isha with the aid of her hair as Vikrant starts offevolved fighting with the goons. Jhende enters the scene as Vikrant realises he’s the mastermind at the back of Isha’s kidnapping. Jhende’s man pushes Isha and shoots Vikrant as he collapses becoming unconscious.
Manda calls Jhende to update him that even Vikrant is coming to the temple. Vikrant reaches and calls Isha asking her to satisfy him outside. During this chat with Vikrant, Isha continues transferring as the goons at the back of her maintain missing their opportunity to entice her.

Vikrant is looking ahead to Isha at the lower back entrance in which there’s more privacy. As she reaches there, Vikrant surprises her with flowers. She doesn’t seem thrilled with his presence there. He starts offevolved talking in puzzles as Isha feels he has discovered her fact about Rajanandini. Before she should say whatever, Vikrant famous the surprise about her being pregnant. Isha is shocked and doesn’t seem glad in any respect. She is irritated after hearing it.

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