Tula Pahate Re Today Episode 5 July 2019

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In the latest episode of Tula Pahate Re, Jaydeep is annoyed that they haven’t been capable of discover the ambulance in which Vikrant become abducted. He suspects Jhende’s hand in this fiasco. Sonya desires to go to the police officers but Aaisaheb stops from taking this brash step. During this communication, Isha enters and she or he is informed of this news. She is livid because of lax of safety from Jaydeep’s cease.

Aaisaheb is surprised with the aid of Isha’s excessive reaction. She thinks Isha is overreacting given all of them are against Vikrant. On the alternative hand, Jhende has added an subconscious Vikrant to his secret place. He knows Isha will retaliate as he asks his guys to maintain a watch on the Saranjames. Then, he guarantees Vikrant to punish Isha for attempting to interrupt their friendship.

In her bedroom, Isha is thinking about the matters told by using her dad and mom. They have sided Vikrant and he or she can’t prevent considering it. On the other hand, Mr and Mrs Nimkar are concerned approximately Isha’s health. They need to help their daughter in all the difficulties. Sonya is angry at Jaydeep and Aaisaheb’s behaviour. Isha admits to having emotions for Vikrant in the front of Jaydeep. He tells Isha to stop caring approximately Vikrant who has been anything however fine to them. After listening to this, Isha tells Jaydeep that she is pregnant with Vikrant’s toddler.

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