Tula Pahate Re Today full Episode 12 March 2019

tula pahate re

Tula Pahate Re Today full Episode 12 March 2019 zee marathi serial


The audience has a very good response to the series ‘tula pahate Ray’ on Zee Marathi Channel. Vikrant Santanjame and Isha’s unique love story was very much appreciated by the audience and in a short time, ‘you watched ray’ reached the peak of success. But now there will be a new twist in this series and the audience will be shocked.(tula pahate re Today episode zee5 episode)zee marathi serial

Isha Nimkar of the common house got married in the family of Saranjite and she is slowly getting in the house. There will be a piquant turnover in the series when everything goes smoothly. The audience has watched Jalindar’s personality in different ways from time to time. The series has just released a promo and so is the fact that Jalandhar is in fact the fact that the doubts will arise in the minds of the audience.(tula pahate re Today episode)
In this promo Vikrant has a different face in front of the audience. Vikrant comes forward to marry Isha for her selfishness. But why did Vikrant do that? What is the reason for such behavior? What is his interest behind this? All these questions will be discussed in the next few days of the series and it will be very interesting to see.(tula pahate re Today episode zee5 episode)zee marathi serial

The marriage of Vikrant Sarnamjam and Isha Nimkar was just a few days away and is seen in the family of Isha Saranjame.
The Zee Marathi channel has a very good response to the audience ‘You Seeing’. Recently, Vikrant Saranjam and Isha Nimkar got married and are seen gradually getting involved in Isha Saranjame family. However, a room in the lofty house of this castle is mysterious. This room can only be sold in Vikrant. Everyone is curious to know what’s in this room.(tula pahate re Today episode zee5 episode)zee marathi serial

It has been seen that before Vikrant and Isha’s marriage, Vikrant spent a lot of time going to a room. But after Viking’s wedding, Vikrant is seen going to that room every day. On the wedding day, Isha knocks the room, so Vikrant teeters on her and says she does not want to do this door. So Isha also what is in this room is what has been hiding from me in Vikrant. It is silent, however, that Vikrant will have to express unbelief on the heads.(tula pahate re Today episode zee marathi serial )

But now the new promo promo has entered social media. In which Sanya asks Vikrant for that room and tells her to open the room and also promotes the name of Isha. This promos has been shown that Vikrant will be frustrated with the Isha. After seeing this promo, the curiosity to know the secret in this room has increased further among the audience. Soon, the secret of Vikrant’s room will soon be exposed. Knowing the secrets of this room will be extraordinary.(tula pahate re Today episode zee marathi serial)

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