Tula Pahate Re Today full Episode 24 Jun 2019

tula pahate re

Tula Pahate Re Today full Episode 24 Jun 2019


In the seafront raid, on the arrival of the flag, Vikrant called legal professionals who tell them the facts about the documents.
In the fresh area of ​​your watch, Vikrant is happy that all the property has been made at Isha’s call. The person wants to make himself a lawyer and the owner needs to borrow the goods. The plan to come to the flag was to give a good time in this second period. Meanwhile, Vikrant does not know the documents are wrong. Isha’s real plan to gather all the evidence of Vikrant is to investigate in an effort to catch him for his crime. watch online

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As Zende expressed doubts over the purpose of Isha, Vikrant has been prosecuted to verify the property documents. Soon after these legal documents are examined by legal professionals, they are mistaken for their miles.
In front of you, the flags prompted Vikrant to give a verse of murder, but later refused to do so.

He has shown that he is a king-wife in the recent episode of Isha and Jalinder. His long conversations about how Vikrant had imprisoned Jalinder and how he killed Rajanandini at the beginning of the end. Isha says she has resurrected her to improve the mistakes and her relatives have protected her. Jalindar showed his full help. Meanwhile, the secret agent of the flags spots them collectively and clicks on their photographs. With the help of the flag, this photo has been proven in Vikrant. watch online


Flags and Vikrant are afraid that Eila is aware of their fact. The flags are telling him to shoot Isha because Vikrant wins the flag. Vikrant said there was no need to repeat records such as how Rajanandini related things have increased. watch online

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