tula pahate re todays episode 12 november 2018


tula pahate re todays episode 12 november 2018 zee marathi shows


The serial ‘You Seeing Ray’ currently runs. The series has won the audience’s mind within a few days of its launch.zee marathi shows

Various series of entertainers entertain on small screens. These bosses are shown in the house, Therefore, there was a separate relationship with these owners. Rumors seem to be happening in the series as if something happens around us. Therefore, this series deserves the likes of rasakas. In this series, ‘You see ray’ is a series of tunes. The series has won the audience’s mind within a few days of its launch.

zee marathi shows

Actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Datar play a key role in this series. Everyone likes Isha and Vikrant Saranjame’s unique story. Vikrant Saranjam means a big business in the city. Isha Nimkar, who lives in a middle-class family, has developed a very rich, luxurious house and on the other hand, which has grown in a very common background. The audience has an interest in seeing how they both meet, how they are friends, and when that friendship turns into love zee marathi shows.

From the beginning, the show was preferred by the audience and due to the love and support of the audience, each series of series T.R.P. Is reaching the top. Recently the series reached the top of the TRP and got the top position in the top show list. The entire team of the series cut off the cake on the set and celebrated it.

Even though the series has begun for a while, the serial has liked the audience as a result of this, because of all these things, you see the different and interesting stories of Subhash Bhave and comeback on the small screen zee marathi shows .

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Recently the audience saw in the series that Isha’s marriage was decided with Bipin and Vikrant was ready to help her family in her wedding. This event is also matched with the heart of the ‘Dil Deewali Dulhania Le Jayenge’ film that came in support of Simran’s wedding. The series has taken a different turn from Vikrant’s arrival. ? This will see the audience coming in some areas zee marathi shows

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