tula pahate re todays episode 19 november 2018


tula pahate re todays episode 19 november 2018 cloudflare protection

episode is uploaded watch below

The series ‘watching you Ray’ on the small screen is very popular. Actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Datar play a key role in this series. Everyone likes Isha and Vikrant Saranjame’s unique story .

The series has shown an interest in the audience from the beginning and due to the love and support of the audience, the series is reaching the TRP of every week. Through this series, Subodh Bhave is seen in the role of his fans in a different role,

and his role is very much appreciated by the audience.

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Nowadays, villagers have got the same significance as heroes in the series. Villagers also get the same popularity cloudflare protection.

In addition to Vikrant and Isha, Myra, which is seen in the role of a villain in this series, is also known for the recognition of actress Abhima Bhave.

Myra and Zenda do not like Isha, but they are both trying to pull her down, but they are not able to achieve it. Recently, in the series, the audience saw that Maire and Flags are trying to frustrate her from getting out of Saranjami Industries and she gives her a termination letter cloudflare protection.

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There is no chance to present her side. But it is only in the office that Vikas comes out of office. Knowing all the facts, Vikrant decides to re-examine Isha himself, and on the contrary, he finds that this fight is not behind Isha but the other is Ma’irera.

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Now Vikrant has to ask her questions … But Vikrant did not believe that such an ambitious employee would do something like this, and therefore Vikrant would remove her from work, so it would be interesting to see her giving another opportunity to correct her mistake. The answers to all these questions will be seen by the audience in the upcoming sections of this series .

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