Tula pahate re todays episode 26 november 2018

tula pahate re Today episode

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Now a new letter entry will appear. That is, the role of wife of Vikrant Saranjame will be highlighted in front of the audience.
Vikrant Saranjame and Isha Nimkar’s romantic chemistry ‘You see me’ is very much liked by the audience. There is a lot of fluctuation in Vikrant and Isha’s love story. The new twist has come to the series due to Vikrant’s foe Jallidar’s contract. This is trying to inflame Iliyad against Jalindar Vikrant. Therefore, the audience has been very keen to know what will happen next in this series. When crossing these difficulties, it will be extraordinary to see how Isha will win the Vikrant. Along with this, there will be a new caste entry in this series. Yes, we have brought this latest news for you. That is, the role of wife of Vikrant Saranjame will be highlighted in front of the audience.structured settlement quote

Perhaps it is not a surprise for those who watch the series ‘watching you ray’ regularly. Because, in the headlines of the series, she gets a glimpse. But now Vikrant will clear the identity of the wife of Saranjam. Actress Shilpa Tulskar will play the role. Shilpa’s contract will definitely make a new turn again in the series. According to sources, Shilpa will be in the series by the end of December. Specifically, Vikrant will play her role as an associate of Jalandder. On the other hand, Vikrant will soon propose it. That is why Shilpa’s antitrity is going to see an extraordinary twist in the story of the series.structured settlement quote

This love story of Vikrant and Isha will soon be reached soon. Vikrant is going to propose it. The creators of the series are setting a date for this special part. Vikrant and Isha have expressed their love indirectly for many times. But now Vikrant is going to propose its special time. The fans will see this special episode on December 9. Creators are planning to broadcast a special episode of one hour on Sunday 9th December. It would be curious to see how the Vikrant propels it.structured settlement quote

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