tula pahate re todays episode ozee 8 november


tula pahate re todays episode ozee 8 november

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Zee Marathi Awards showcase this event in an environment where the artist, pair, series, and curiosity of the family will be of the best quality, with artistic performances, comedy skits and companions. Recently, this glorified ceremony was broadcast on Zee Marathi Vahini.

Zee Marathi series is very popular among the audience.

It was the evening of the evening that the Zee Marathi Vahini started from home ministerial program and audiences watched these programs for the ‘Night Jago Mohan Pyare’ series. All the people in the ‘Lajarane jhali ji’, ‘You see ray’ or ‘The living beings in your heart’ are very much loved by the audience. ozee

The problem of Radhika in ‘New Navy’s wife’ If the crowd of ‘Let the breeze come’ laugh at the audience, ‘Ganav Gata Gajalichi’ Malvani celebrates the audience by announcing the new gazelle daily to the audience.

The series ‘Watch You’ on Zee Marathi channel is breaking many records of TRPs. The audience is fiddling on this unique love story of Vikrant Santhan and Isha Nimkar.  They get the love of the audience on the small screen. This dialogue with actress Gayatri Datar on the occasion of this series … ozee

Zee Marathi Awards Every year, this celebration takes place in a very beautiful and spectacular way. This event pays attention to artists who like the artists, comedies, comedies,

and the artists, the couple, the series, the curiosity of which family will be the best. Recently,


as a result, the audience won a warm welcome by the audience. ozee

In addition to this, the music composer Ashok Patki,


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