tula pahate re todays episode zee marathi 5 november


tula pahate re todays episode zee marathi 5 november

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2. Studio – Right Click Media Solutions

3. Director – Girish Mohite
4. Producer – Aparna (Ganu) Ketkar, Atul Ketkar
5. Episode Director –Sumit Komurlekar
6. Production Management – Neelesh Gundal
7. Story – Shekhar Dhavalikar
8. book – Abhijeet Guru
9. Dialogues – Sharvari Patankar

Therefore, on one hand Vikrant and Isha love story, on the other hand, due to the strategy of Jayadeep’s wife, this series will be more colorful. But do you know who is the actress who plays the role of Jaydeep’s wife and Saranjena? The name of this actress is Full Moon Day. She had previously seen the girls hostel in this series. Purnima is very stylish. You will not be surprised even by seeing her photos. She is also known as a model, actress and a beautiful singer.

She also modeled for the promotion of spas, clothes. Soon after that, we will see that matte-mat film. This is the first time that he will be seen on the big screen. Fame Shaniya, also known as Rasika Sunil, will be seen in this movie with her husband’s wife. Purnima is a great fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Late in the series, Sheetali, Shivni is her good friend. Purnima is active on social media too. She has uploaded her special songs to her Facebook. She has also appeared in Rang Film and International Video Album.

Actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Datar play a key role in this series. Everyone likes Isha and Vikrant Saranjame’s unique story. Vikrant Saranjam means a big business in the city. Isha Nimkar, who lives in a middle-class family, has developed a very rich, luxurious house, and on the other hand, it has grown in a very common background. The audience is eager to see how they both meet, how they are friends, and when that friendship turns out to be love.

From the beginning, the show was preferred by the audience and due to the love and support of the audience, each series of series T.R.P. Is reaching the top. Recently the series reached the top of the TRP and got the top position in the top show list. The entire team of the series cut off the cake on the set and celebrated it.

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