tula pahate re todays episode zee marathi serial 7 november


tula pahate re todays episode zee marathi serial 7 november

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The series ‘watching you Ray’ on the small screen is very popular. Actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Datar play a key role in this series. Everyone likes Isha and Vikrant Saranjame’s unique story. From the beginning, the show was preferred by the audience and due to the love and support of the audience, each series of series T.R.P. Is reaching the top zee marathi serial .

Nowadays, villagers have got the same importance as the heroine in the series. Villagers also get the same popularity. In addition to Vikrant and Isha, Myra, which is seen in the role of a villain in this series, is also known for the recognition of actress Abhima Bhave zee marathi serial.

Now after the monkey, I got to recognize myrrh, and once again, I got a chance to make a villain on small screen and dominate the audience’s mind. The observer, as much as loves to love her, also has the rage of her personality zee marathi serial. She is getting many feedback from audiences for her character. The observers are very happy with your work crowd, so they are very happy.

Anonymous said, “Since the villainy’s inception,zee marathi serial the number of my follows has increased tremendously on social media, sometimes the audience and the folosers also give some tactical reactions.” Zee shouts on the audience and fans for Marathi Awards. “Because you do not like me and my family, I also got the reaction that you will not vote. Ybap Prekshkanchan Premc offline and Tyatunc in My Kamatchi acknowledgment rubbed Milate. The role it and Krhya Ayushyatil difference Dakvnyasati m Social Meediavr Too Aktiwh affected individuals zee marathi serial. “

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