tula pahate re todays episode zee marathi tv 6 november


tula pahate re todays episode zee marathi tv 6 november

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Zee Marathi tv Vahini was brought to the audience for the unique love story ‘forget you’. Within a few days the series won the audience’s mind. Actor Subodh Bhave and novel actress Gayatri Datar play the lead.

Gayatri, who was originally from Pune, has made his acting debut in this series. It is not possible to say that this is the first time that a career has been done by gold. Isha Nimkar, who is the mother in the series, is a very simple girl living in a middle-class family. She does not know sixes in the world. But Gayatri is very brave in real life. She has a lot of interest in walking and trekking Zee Marathi tv .

Gayatri has shared many photos on Leh Ladakh’s trekking, trekking in Manali, river rafting in the Koyna river. Even though Isha in the series is constantly confused and confused, Gayatri is the manifestation of true life. Gayatri has made herself a place in the heart of the audience in very short time. This series is going to show love for her Zee Marathi tv .

Actor Subodh Bhave and debutant actress Gayatri Dutta play an important role in this series. Everyone likes the unique story of Isha and Vikrant Saranjme, Vikrant Sarangam Isha Nimkar, who lives in a middle-class family, has developed a very rich, luxurious house, and on the other hand, it emerged in a very common background. Is. The viewers are going to see how they both meet, how they are friends, and when the friendship starts to loveĀ Zee Marathi tv

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