zee marathi sambhaji live Video Episode 16 july 2019

Swarajya rakshak Sambhaji Today Episode 24 January

zee marathi sambhaji live Video Episode 16 july 2019

In the current episode of Swarajyarakshak Zee Marathi Sambhaji live,

In the current episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Khandoji is shaken from the deaths of his father and older brother. In his vacant residence, his ears are nonetheless echoing of Balaji Pant and Aaoji’s voices. Meanwhile, Soyrabai is still uneasy from the courtroom’s trial. She is considering Anaji Pant’s accusations as she realises that despite the fact that Sambhaji hasn’t punished her, he nevertheless thinks she is a criminal. Soyrabai is guilty of her actions that she committed within the greed to make her son sit at the throne.

Kaveribai is reminiscing her husband, Anaji Pant who was as soon as upon a time a terrific guy. She recollects him as an enthusiastic and proud husband who paid interest to their circle of relatives. Kaveribai deeply needs that her husband might try and live his existence rightfully than going in opposition to Sambhaji. She assures a responsible Yesubai that she will continually provide her advantages to Sambhaji. She might be the primary one to rejoice his victory within the wars.

Sambhaji is going to fulfill Soyrabai and confesses that his mind refuses to bend his knee to her. He says that he can no longer appreciate her as his mother. Sambhaji has taken away all her rights as Rajmatoshree. She is amazed to peer Sambhaji, who had reputable her in the court, suddenly develop remote. He says whilst she knew approximately the plans towards him, she have to have come to him to present an concept about it. Raje gives an instance of Durgadas who came forward to give Sambhaji an concept about the coups deliberate to dethrone him.

Soyrabai breaks down in front of him and says he’s humiliating her within the absence of her husband. But, Sambhaji doesn’t stop. Moreover, he says she should’ve stopped the plans when they started out. But, she watered them whilst allowing them to continue. Finally, he tells her that his guards will preserve an eye on her every motion.

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